“What is it?” I asked, staring at the scraggaly, ugly-looking thing.
He shrugged, examining the small animal he held in his hand. “Nobody knows, I was hoping you would, seeing as it’s your area of expertise,” I looked at him oddly, “Weird animals,” he explained.
“Ah.” I had long been researching the possible existence of Dragons and Fairies, and had therefore studied various odd creatures that would be their nearest relatives. The other scientists thought I was a bit loony, so they assumed I would know what the loony animal was. “Well I’m not sure what it is but if you like, I’ll be glad to take it home and study it.”
“Good,” he said, relieved to hand the creature over to someone else.
I looked at the little face and couldn’t help thinking it almost looked human, aside from the ugly brown-blue skin and overly large ears.
I took it home and put it in a large glass box. I said aloud, “I think I’ll call you Jeff”
A voice eminated from the box as I turned away to make dinner, “My name is Nyvyn, actually”

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