Creature 2-Nyvyn's Request

Nyvyn hovered an armslength away from my nose.
“What are..?”
“I’m a fairy of course,” he said.
I stared at his back where two wings had grown not a minute before. “Like them?” he asked proudly, “Never should’ve left the cage till I got them. Otherwise they wouldn’t of caught me.” He scowled, “I’m a disgrace to the family now I’ll bet. Not that I’m not already,” he grinned, “Earthworn hates Blulake and vice versa.” Seeing my evident confusion he explained, “Earthworn is the family my father came from, my mother, from Blulake, and I’m the unacceptable son.”
He paused and looked at me uncertainly, “You couldn’t help me could what is your name?”
“That’s a strange name,” he shrugged, “No matter, what I’d like you to do is a little favor, and seeing as your kind has already locked me up and poked me with things I think you owe me one.”
“Sure, anything.” I muttered through my shock at meeting a real fairy.
He smiled, “Good, thought you would, well you see, there’s this river…”

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