The Underwater Expedition

As we dove deeper, I saw the greenery of kelp and seaweed waving before us. It was an underwater forest. I glanced over at Jig, but he seemed unperturbed. My diving helm just gave me a small field of vision, but of course he didn’t need one.

“Just a few more minutes,” he said. Of course he didn’t need a speaking apparatus either. I nodded. He said it was going to be a few minutes more an hour ago. But I would swim for any amount of time to reach what could be the greatest discovery of mankind. And just to think, this small. . .fish-man was going to lead me right to it. I really did think I was going insane.

We dove into the kelp forest. A tangle of green and browns met me. It was disorienting; I couldn’t find Jig anywhere, either. I did say I would swim any length of time, but I did not plan on living forever in this jungle. Suddenly a hand popped through, grabbed me, and I broke through the edge of the forest.

And there it was, lights gleaming, spires standing tall.


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