Kick Him Where It Hurts

Dani walked up the stairs into her room, bags full of new school clothes and supplies. She sat on her bad and let out a sigh, even new clothes could not make her feel better. Dani had found in the last few weeks that if she simply didn’t think about Blair, she felt pretty good, of course it was not that easy to completely block out her ex best friend, but she was defiantly making progress. Her cell started to ring and she picked it up just to see that it was Logan calling. What could he possibly want? Dani thought to herself. She pressed ignore on her phone, thinking that would show him, but it wasn’t really enough, no she deserved to have a little revenge…didn’t she?

The phone started to ring as Dani lifted her cell up to her ear.
“Hello” Said Jeremy.
“Hey, Jer, it’s Dani. Her confidence climbing.
“Hey, what’s up?”

Well Dani thought, Jeremy is one of Logan’s closest friends, and she was going to kick Logan where it hurts. So after that phone call, Dani and Jeremy are now officially an item.

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