A Pitiful Picnic

The dawn broke on the valley. Smoke spindled out of chimneys from the separate villages. Jinny skipped along the fallen leaves, golden hair flapping behind her.

“Do you always have to skip everywhere? It tires me out.”

“Aw, Quiggy, you’re a’ways so bowing!”

“Well, maybe you need to tone it down a little bit,” Quiggy said pointedly.

“Now, Quiggy, you put dat paw down! You know how I hate it when you get dat attitude!”

Quiggy sighed. Would this girl ever understand? He was getting tired of carrying around her dorky basket, and resisting the urge to inhale whatever wonderful-smelling thing that was under the blanket.

“Now, Quiggy, let’s eat heah.”

”’Kay.” He plunked down and lowered the basket as Jinny spread out the blanket. He finally saw what was in the basket. An array of beautiful food was lay out before him. Maybe this picnic might be worth lugging that basket around.

Suddenly Jinny vanished in the brush. “Leave the mutt,” a voice said as two silhouettes trudged away.

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