The Things He Would Do

He got up and walked to the door. Matt was seventeen, and a rebel. He had been sent to this huge, castlemansion to live with his grandfather. Matt’s parents had figured that living in a huge house with an old man and no girls, alcohol, or cars could only do him good. Yeah right, Matt thought. Look at that girl by the window…mine. Matt was full of himself, which in the end, was his downfall.
Opening the door out onto the terrace, he saw that his room was in fact right next to the girl’s room. He knew this because between his terrace and hers, there was about a two foot gap, and on the other side of the gap, he saw her long, fine hair spilling over the edge of the terrace. Her face was buried in her arm, which was on the railing between the two of them, and she was sobbing violently. Perched on a bench, there, crying, Matt thought that she was beautiful. He thought of the things he would do and say to get to her heart. He would gently caress her cheek, he would kiss her gently, just to get in her pants.

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