But Why Does She Cry?

Matt was really shallow. In his mind’s eye, he was great. Gorgeous, rich, girls at his feet. He knew just how to treat a girl to get her to sleep with him in ten minutes flat. A fact that he was proud of, and planned to use right about that time.
Matt walked over to the gap between the balconies, and leaned on the railing, sexy and smooth looking. He reached over the gap and touched the long, thin fingers that hung out over the balcony from the arm she was sobbing into.
The girl jumped. Her green eyes widened, but this time she made no effort to run or wipe her eyes.
“W-who are you?” she gasped.
“I’m Matt. I’ve come to live with my grandfather, here. Who are you?” he asked, leaning a little closer.
“I’m…Luna.” she faltered, as if she wasn’t quite sure how to answer.
“A beautiful name for a beauty. But why does she cry?” he said, touching her jaw lightly with his fingertips.
“Because she is alone.” she sighed.
With that, Luna pulled herself into a graceful stance, and flew back into her room.

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