Remember Me

“Daddy where are you going?” The little girl asked as she wrapped her arms around her worn teddy bear.
“I don’t know baby, I really don’t know.” Replied the man that sat at the foot of the bed. He looked at his daughter never turning his gaze.

“Are you scared daddy?” The little girl asked.

“I am terrified baby, but thats what makes us brave. We need to stand up to our fears. And when I am ever really scared I just think of you and it makes me feel stronger.” He smiled, a tear escaped his eye.

The little girl let a yawn escape and wiggled until she found comfort in her bed. She fell into a deep slumber her last question barely escaping her lips.
“Daddy can I go with you?”

“No baby. It isn’t your time. My little girl, if you ever need me you don’t have to go to far. I will always be in your heart, but if you ever feel lonely just go to the old tree we used to play in during the summer, close your eyes and think about me. I shall be there. I love you baby.”

He kissed her forehead and left.

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