Untraditional Traditions

I am an outcast, labled a dreamer by the Family. I walk along the Nine Dragons Screen dragging my left hand across the forms of the dragons. I know the story of why they were carved and set here. I just don’t care.
When I was younger, my grandmother came to me at bedtime and she had two of my women hold me down while she wrapped my feet tightly. It hurt and I cried all night. In the early morning, one of my ladies undid the binding and helped me get away. The Forbidden City is huge and if one is small enough she can hide. I hid. Except for Jade, I was alone.
I hid a long time. Its easy to hide when you don’t dress in silks but in the common cotton and walk around all day with a basket.
I didn’t come out until I was a woman. I dressed in the royal robes Jade had brought me and walk to my father’s and mother’s chambers. They were upset at the condition of my feet. Unbound, they were still small, but not small enough to suit my father.
I am an outcast. Unable to wed. That suits me fine.

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