Building an Adventure- The Island of Will

You wake up to a sweet-smelling breeze. Your mind takes a moment to register that you are not home in your bed. You stand and look around at unfamiliar scene of an unspoiled tropical paradise. The ocean waves are soft and rhythmic, the trees are lazy and leaning with ripe fruit.

How did you get here?

To your left you here a scuttle and you turn only to hear the same scuttle to you right.

You are surrounded.

Dark shadows take form and soon they represent shapes uncannily familiar to you.

To the right of you are horse-like creatures, who seem noble and swift and can cross great distances.

To the left are large winged animals who look at you with predatory gleam.

Out of the ocean in front of you are dolphin-like beings with smiling faces and playful attitudes.

Finally, behind you are subterranean critters with long sharp claws perfect for burrowing, their slicked fur was covered with priceless jewels and gems.

You turn around in confusion as the creatures encircle you.

“Choose”, they boom.

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