The War against Mantra

Unseen in the darkness of the desert,Jamie suppressed her scream. She had seen everything except where Van Mantra had gone, since she had been just as entranced by the comet as the followers that had been annihilated. She hurriedly ran to the police department in an attempt to spread the word. As she started telling the sad tale to the police officers, tears streamed down her face from pity for those that had been killed. She was at first scorned, but after she showed them the smoldering remains of the victims, she was taken seriously. Then she realized that Van Mantra had the trust of millions of people, and he could blame this on the enemies. There was a good chance that the enemies were allies of the human race, but right now that chance couldn’t be taken. After all,what kind of allies would stand by as people got killed off? No, they couldn’t be trusted. She had to give people someone else to beleive in, her. And with that single brave thought, she started the war against Van Mantra and his warnings.

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