Chicken Queen's Sanity

It was sunrise, and the whole room was filled with the crowing of roosters. Becky was rudely awakened. The Lead Cluck bent over her head and spoke.

“My queen, would you like some breakfast?”

Her attempt had been in vain. Her mother had told her that it was important to know how to operate a machine gun. Her unwillingness to listen was now costing her her sanity.

Nevertheless, she said, “Yes, how about some poached eggs?”

The Lead Cluck looked shocked.

“Our queen must have been driven insane by her fall, we must get her to a physician!”

Becky thought that her sarcasm had finally gotten her where she deserved. So, she went to her mother’s psychiatrist, Dr.Danis. Her excuse was that she was in need of solitude again. The chickens had already hidden the machine gun somewhere. Becky had to walk to the clinic, since some of the chickens had used her bike as a roost. As Dr.Danis receptionist welcomed her inside, she looked at the feathers in Becky’s hair, and her depressed appearance, and scowled.

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