sophia's change 9

Her hair was short and stringy,it no longer grew.Her ears were too large and sat a little too high,in fact they have doubled now twice the right size.Her eyes were drooping and turned green from dark blue.Her smile was now in the shape of frown,now when she cooed she made a strange little sound.After the king gave it some thought he turned to the queen,maybe its not such a terrible thing.We’ll just love her more.We’ll teach her kindness so her heart will be pure.She will make a great and fine queen of that I am sure.Kind and pure wicked evil Pricilla heard the king say,never a queen a princess she’ll stay.Then she stirred the black pot.Time passed and before to long the princess had grown into a young lady.She spent her days being taught by tutors and pampered by maids.Sophia didn’t like being fussed over by the maids.She had much rather be doing useful things and helping out,it made her feel good.But the king saw to it that no one at the castle would let her lift a finger to help after all she was a princess

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