sophias plan 10

She was to prepare for the time she would be queen.Days were long and she had plenty of time after her studies for other things.
Some days she would sit in the garden and count how many bees there were buzzing around the flowers.Then walk the paths to see how many different kinds of flowers there were in the garden,eventually finding her way to the stalls where she would brush and talk to the horses.Sometimes she would peek into the courtyard to watch the knights practice.The best things were the walks through the mystical forest.She enjoyed talking to her animal friends and sitting hours by the pond just watching the fairies and unicorns play.
Still something was missing,she wanted friends her own age.
The princess thought and thought and decided she should venture out into the world,she would ride into the village to meet the people.She had always wondered what must they do every day?Princess Sophia ran to tell her father what she had planed.He was not happy she was royalty and should have royal friends.

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