the coach ride 11

Seeing that this had made Sophia unhappy he decided he should let her embark on her adventure.The next day Sophia hopped into the coach looking around being small for her age she couldn’t see out the windows.It was large plenty of room for friends she thought.On her journey to the kingdom she imagined all kinds of things will the people be happy do they like to sing?Who was the person that made the church bells ring?What must the children do from Summer to Spring?Most importantly what will the future bring?The coach began to slow down.Here so soon?That didn’t take long at all.Her stomach felt odd like butterflies fluttering all around inside.Was this a mistake could I have been wrong?No,I am here I must appear to be strong.A boy ran yelling through the street the royal coach is comming. The towns people all gathered to see,people peering out the windows and lined up and down the street.Its the king what must he want?What could it be?Its not holiday or day of importance you see.The coach came to a rolling stop

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