A Smile And All

Dani walked down her driveway to the mailbox, she heard someone yelling from a few doors down. She looked over to see Logan waving and calling her over. She thought about completely ignoring him but decided to see how she could play this. Dani started walking towards Logan smiling from ear to ear, as if nothing was wrong.
“Hey, come hang.” Logan said.
“Sure ” Dani said.
They entered Logan’s backyard, and Dani spotted Blair sitting on the bench swing. Dani sat down on the chair next to Blair, like all was forgiven and forgotten, but Dani knew it wasn’t. She could tell that Blair was completely surprised by her behavior, but she just continued her little act. Dylan and Jeremy walked out from inside the house.
“Hey Dani!!!” Jeremy said. He eased his way next to Dani and put his arm around her shoulder. Logan was obviously surprised.
“What are you guys like a couple now?” Logan asked.
“Yeah, for almost a week now, where have you been?” Dani responded, a satisfied grin forming on her face.

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