Try Harder

I got up the next morning on a mission. I got the phone and called my girliest, flirtiest cousin Carmen. She’s a little older than me and always helps me with everything. She answered.
“Heello?” She said.
“Hey Carmen. I need your help with something.” I told her.
“Sure cuz, anything you need.” She replied. That’s what I love about Carmen, she always helps me like an older sister.
I continued to explain my plan to her. She agreed with the plan. All was going well.
She came over along with her friend Gina and we began with hair. I put mine in curls and let it all down. Carmen did hers in a really cute up-do and Gina just let hers hang down. We did make-up and I looked hott! And then I dressed up in a hott outfit. I put on a very short skirt, a sleeveless low cut shirt with a frilly bra underneath (scandelous) and some ballet flats for shoes. Gina was in a really short skirt and a cute top which -you could see her bra underneath and some heels. Same with Carmen.
We walked over to ‘the yard’ confidently.

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