Reminisce About Jamie

Matt heard a soft moan of exasperation before the glass door slammed shut, and almost-sheer, white curtains flew in front of them. He sat, stunned and unmoving for a moment. This was definitely a first. But Matt didn’t accept this kind of crap from a girl. He was Matt Branded. He wasn’t going to give up.
Matt walked over the railing and looked out on the courtyard in front of him. There was a fountain in the middle of it, with a dim light in the middle. He couldn’t see it, because the fountain was hidden by a circle of weeping willows, but he knew it all too well. He went back to a time, a time when he was fourteen, a time before he had become this way.
Jamie had been Matt’s dream girl. She was a cute little punkette that Matt had met at a Paramore concert. She was funny, nice, and Matt had his attentions focused on her completely. After they had been dating for almost a year, he bought her a gorgeous silver necklace with a gun charm on it.

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