We Need To Talk

Blair sat on her bed, thinking about how things had been turning out recently. Her cell beeped, and she flipped it open to see a text form Logan.
we need to talk, my house, now
Blair was totally confused. What did he have to say?? Why was it so urgent, well she was about to find out.

Blair walked into Logan’s backyard, to see him already outside sitting on the bench. She walked towards him and sat down.
“So what is it?” She asked, a little nervous.
Logan took in a deep breath.
“I can’t do this to you Blair, I can’t lead you on, and be your boyfriend, when I’m not interested.”
“What?? I thought you liked me!!” Blair said.
“I do, but not like that, it’s just well I think I’m in love with Dani, and I can’t do this to you, you deserve somebody who want’s you, don’t you get it?”
“Yeah, I get it.” Blair said softly a tear falling down her cheek.
“I get it, you are a wonderful guy, who is in love with a wonderful girl, and I’m… well I’m a horrible friend.

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