I Am Sorry I Offended You

Please forgive me for offending you. I only said what I did because I am only human too. You see, it was I who first was offended by you. And in my fraility of fear I struck back too. If you were to live one day of my life now, not always but just out of the past twelve years somehow, then I know you would be different about all of these things we have not seen eye to eye on before. Because then you would know how it feels to hurt with unbarable pain of loosing all that you cared for. How it feels to be dead yet still walking and talking with no joy in your heart. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth, I didn’t rob anyone to become rich over night. I was basically fair and just even at my worst before I knew the Lord. All I ever had was my precious offspring my flesh and my blood. I never had limos, houses, or land. I was much simpler and niave but now here I stand. Please forgive me and try to see my view. It really isn’t that hard if you look through HIS eyes too.

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