White Sky- A Memory of Blue Sky

“Oh thank God,” She said, “Do you know what happened?”
“Hit…my head.” She was nodding when a white dog with a brown splotch on the top of his head jumped onto the hospital bed. “What’s this dog…?”
“He’s a stray, He…I checked. We can keep him, as a house dog, if you want,” she was silent for a moment, I didn’t answer. I’d wanted a dog all my life, but mom had never let me.
“Why him?”
“Because, well, he saved you. He came barking up a storm and wouldn’t leave me alone, and I tried to catch him but he kept on leading me away, getting me to chase him, until he led me straight to you. And then he stood there right next to you barking and licking your head.”
I smiled and stroked him, “Yeah, let’s keep him.”
When I got out of the hospital I played catch with him on the hills. Those little wispy feathery-like clouds covered the sky, making it look white.
“Common Sky! We gotta go in!” I yelled to the dog as we ran to the house for dinner.

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