Birth of the Firefox, Part 3

A few more keystrokes and the uplink was done, the innocuous-looking code added to the nightly build using an alias he was 95% sure the board didn’t know about.

Schin grinned, and opened the bottom drawer of his desk to pull out the aluminum briefcase. It gleamed dully in the room’s dim light. He didn’t need to open it again, as he had already checked the contents the night before; it had everything in it he would need to survive in coming months. If his alteration had the effect he anticipated, it might be a good idea to stay off-net for a while.

He pressed the eject button, and his beige box spat out the holographic memory block into his hand. He pocketed it, and ran the self-destruct routine to zero the hard-drive and rewrite it with random data twice. You couldn’t be too careful.

Whistling a cheerful tune, Schin hoisted the briefcase and walked out the door of his office for the last time.

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