My Plan's On It's Way

We walked over, strutting our stuff.
“Okay Lindsay, I’ll show you how it’s done.” She smiled and walked up to Teddy. “Heyy man, do you think we could play?” She asked playing with her bra strap.
“Uh, sure.” He replied and walked over to tell everyone that we were playing.
“Good job Carmen.” I told her. Carmen smiled. She walked over to Teddy working him up a lil more. She was so good at this. While Carmen was hanging out with Teddy, Gina walked over to Mitch. She was working him over well. He even let her have his position. He stood behind her and every time she bent over for a ball he could see up her skirt. I walked up to bat.
“Linz your batting clean-up.” said Ty.
“What’s clean-up?” I asked like a lil girl.
“Linz you know what clean-up is.” He replied. “It’s batting fourth.”
“Okay” When it was my turn I walked up to the plate. I was swinging all over the place and clearly wrong. Ty shook his head and sighed. I caught a smile from Carmen and Gina.
“Will you show me Ty?”

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