No One Knows Where His Shoes Ended Up

“Dance for me, silly earthling, dance!”
Glancing around in amazement at everyone’s complete lack of caring, he tries to think of the dancer’s life he had left behind.
Pain shoots through his right leg. “I said dance!”
Summoning the years of training he thought he had forgot, he begins to dance. A beautiful dance that would have brought tears to normal eyes. But these were not normal eyes. And neither were these normal circumstances.
Just moments ago, he had been on his way to work. Just another mindless peon going to do his duty. Then these “beings” had appeared before him. And, for some inexplicable reason, he had been the only one to notice. Then they had demanded he dance for his life. He once wanted dance to be his life, but couldn’t quite achieve success. Now, he had to bring back the hurt in order to survive.
Slowly, his dance came to an end. There was a brief silence.
“Not good enough!” And before he could cry in protest, he was gone. All except for his shoes.

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