Also Slythers

Delphine looked into the faces of each one. “I can only keep him alive for a few days… Find the Tree. For my sake.”
“For my sake.” Florence joined her in looking right at Amilie.
“For my sake. And for his.” Mathieu spoke quietly.
“Why the hell is everyone looking at me?” Amilie cried. “You expect me to find it?” Mathieu reached inside his coat, and took out a folded piece of paper.
“Use his drawings.” He simply stated. Amilie touched it with uncertainty.
“I’ve seen these flowers before… Oh, Guillaume, I wish you were with me.” Amilie cried unhappilly. But I am. A voice not unlike Guillaume’s said. Just look for the brick wall. The Tree is behind it. Amilie spun ‘round and ‘round, but could not see who had spoken. Presently, she found a brick wall, just as the voice had said.

But, she also found Slythers.

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