"No One!" Amilie promised

“What do you want?” She approached them with caution.
“We want what you want.” Said one with an unmistakably human voice. “To cure Guillaume.” It smiled.
“Get away from here.” Amilie screamed.
“Tsk, tsk, tsk. We really want to help you.” It held out a hand with long nails. Amilie’s will was weakening.
“Really?” She dared to ask.
“We know you want to be with Guillaume forever. We can ensure that amibition.”
“Ensure it?” Amilie questioned as if in a trance.
“Take an apple for Guillaume. Take an apple for you.” It whispered as it moved closer to her.
“An apple for me?”
“Take a bite. Be with him for an eternity.” It whispered in her ear.
“An eternity!” She marveled softly. Her eyes and thoughts were clouded.
“An eternity!” It repeated as it started to vanish. Suddenly, it appeared again. “Tell no one else.”
“No one!” Amilie promised.

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