Evidence (revised)

Clare caught up to davis. Davis, still struggeling to make top prosecuter in the state . What makes you think he so guilty davis? What makes you think he’s not? Tell me.
Look at the evidence Clare. A hair, could have been transfer, that could have happened anytime. Prints he already admitted he was there, in the apartment the day before. Was he?
Clare you work for me, go check the new evidence. I think you’ll be convinced, after that and find our witness.
Clare stopped and dropped her shoulders,
fine but I still don’t think it was him alone .
She went to the lab, I need the copies of the evidence, findings, and photos. She spent hours reading over the the papers, and looking at the graphic photos. The new evidence, her blood was in his apartment.
In a pervious statement he said she had never been in his apartment. Her blood was found in the drain of his sink.
Something just doesn’t look right, in this photo of him. It’s the earring. It’s her’s.
Ok, all the evidence points to guilty.

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