Guillaume Is Yours, Now

Mathieu sighed. “We’re trying to protect you, Amilie!”
“If you eat that apple,” began Delphine. “You will surely die.”
“Die?” Amilie gulped.
“Die.” Delphine echoed. Guillaume rose unsteadily.
“Say, what’s this all about?”
“It said…”
“The… Slyther…” Amilie stopped as everyone’s eyes opened. “The Slyther said I’d live forever with you.” She started to cry. Mathieu pulled her toward him tenderly.
“There, there, darling. Is that what bothers you?” He asked.
“I think we should be worried about you leaving us!” Exclaimed Guillaume. Amilie pulled away from Mathieu.
“I want to be one of you.” Delphine, Florence, and Mathieu looked uncomfortable. Guillaume stared at her passionately.
“Is that what you really want?” Amilie nodded. “Not a chance. It’s like I said, Amilie: Eternities last for eternities. You need to realize that.”
“But, the apple! You all didn’t bite the apple! Only… Guillaume…” She realized.
“We’ve made our choice. Guillaume is… yours, now.” Florence said.

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