Oh Billie!

I sit here, letting the smooth texture of her voice flow in little gentle waves over my soul. Tilting my head back, and closing my eyes, I feel the sun more than see it. I take a little puff of my cigarette and hum softly to that sax. The piano is taking me on happy little jaunts through sunny city streets. I see her there in my mind, so calmly letting those syllables roll out of her as easy as breathing. I open my eyes to my own world again, and I’m not disappointed. I just let a little smile sneak onto my face, as I continue to hear her beautiful voice. I know that if I close my eyes again, I can be right back in that old city. What’s better, is knowing that when they’re open, she’s right here with me.

“Mama may have….
Papa may have….
But, God bless the child that’s got his own…”

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