Divine (SBF #4)

I hadn’t seen Him in ten years, not since I was waiting with Carrie in the emergency room. She was holding a wet towel around her hand. She had gotten two of her fingers caught in the door of the minivan as it closed. Her hand was swollen and her fingers were bleeding messily.

He appeared just as I happened to glance out the window. Carrie was crying hysterically, fearful that her fingers would fall off if we removed the towel to look at the wounds. In reality, her injury was not that dramatic, but I didn’t know that at the time.

The moment I saw Him, I knew exactly who He was. I immediatly felt calm. Somehow I knew that Carrie would be okay, no matter what happened. He nodded to me. Smiled gently. He raised one hand, as if to wave in my direction. There were so many people in the emergency room, I breifly wondered why He chose to single me out.

I didn’t know then what He had in store for me.

“Hey, Carrie, do you see that guy?” I asked her.

She looked. She squinted. “There’s nobody there.”

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