Just Like Them

Judas spoke bitterly about the night they both remembered so well. Zooey stopped her. “You aren’t sorry you did it, are you?” His eyes were fearful.
“Of course not.” She brushed away the thought. “We’d better cross the river.” Judas added hastily.
When they had at last arrived on the other side, sopping wet, it was nightfall. “Zooey. We need to stop for now. I can barely see. Besides, we don’t even know our destination.”Judas said sleepily.
“We don’t. But I do.” He smirked in the darkness.
“Well, then, will you let me in on the big secret?” She asked sarcastically.
“We’re going back to… Prussia.” He finally revealed. Judas stopped, with her foot in mid-air.
“Back to Prussia? Are you crazy? Sure, you’re parents will be glad to see us, but my father will automatically declare war!”
“Trust me. We need to go back.” He pleaded.
“Oh? How did you know? Did you ‘hear something in the distance’, huh?”
“Don’t say that.” He fell to his knees. “You sound like them.” Judas gasped.
“I didn’t mean to.”

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