Ficlet Nirvana Challenge

We are siamese if you please. ba dum dum dum… god hwy is that woman the voice of everything in every disney movie. ok that’s a lie i admit oh no im running out of thoughts, what happens if i cant fill this thing out.. shit what do i do!? AHHHHHH ! relax babe….relax…. just uhh think? of something i guess…. scroll down you have no room… ahh better… why do you curse so much when you’re angry. how the fuck should i know, im you! oh yeah…hey erica’s iming me…ugh i hate laundry too. i love that smiley face .^ ^. . i could use it forever! what the hell is wrong with me? stop asking me questions i don’t know the answer to! what’s five times five? 25! i’m smart…. erica is funny… she makes me laugh…. we have laughfests.. i know hehe harry potter lemon hahahahahahahahaha. it’s weird how you think of yourself laughing instead of doing it hey i’m just reading the cards… we have cue cards! the letters slowly appear on them as we begin to think. that’s the ficlet you’re writing! oh.

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