A Moment Within My Mind

Taking a ficlet challenge, the lette “e’” on the keyboard is kind of faded, lying, its not actually faded its just a little worn, well technically wouldn’t that be faded, “I am sleepy,”
“why am I talking to myself trying to write down everything I think?”
“Hello” drones off in an echo. ”
“I should probably visit this place more often.” * To make it obvious to all I am talking about my head.*
“I hope I don’t get kicked out for this.”
“Why would they?” I don’t know.
” Work is going to start within a few minutes. ”
I hate work. Yeah… I wish I couold just go home and sleep on my comfy bed. Wow I am kinda hungry… you know what would be cool if I could be in bed and eating at the same time… yeah that would be awesome. I wonder why smurfette was the only smurf within the whole smurf universe. Was she a whore? Is whore allowed in none mature ficlets? Probably not. Oh wow.. this lady just walked in and she has a nice rack. I would like to play doctor with her. Bouncy bouncy bouncy …oh yeah.

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