“You mean…?” Amilie’s eyes were hopeful.
“I’m mortal, again, Ami.” Guillaume smiled.
“But Florence… Mathieu… Delphine? You don’t want this for yourselves?” She questioned them.
“I do.” Delphine took a bite.
“I do.” Florence bit the apple, also.
“I… don’t.” Mathieu confessed. “I must continue my life’s work: to continue to help our kind change for the better.” Everyone nodded, sadly, but with understanding.
Amilie phoned her parents. “Yes. Yes. I know… I’m sorry. No, don’t send the police. I’m coming home.” She hung up and turned to Delphine. “They’d worried sick.”
“Mon Dieu!” She fretted. “I should have had you call them as soon as you got here.”
“I need an alibi.” Amilie said fearfully.
“Maybe not.” Mathieu held up a blue bottle. “They’ll forget you were gone.”
“Goodbye, Mathieu.”

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