Sand Women

I stare across the desert, sand whipping in my face. I squint into the burning light reflected off everything around me. I have a blasting headache.
“Aeryn! A storm of sand comes upon us, the Sand Women are attacking!” cries young Eryk
I stare at the building wall of sand approaching us. I smile. I hold the staff steadily in my right hand. On the top there is a blue stone, bursting with power. As the wall gets closer, my camel starts shifting uneasily. Many of my followers’ animals try to bolt and run away. They only half-heartedly try to stop them. Soon, I am alone. I get off my camel and send him off in the direction of my cowardly followers. I stand alone.
The wall of sand comes closer and closer. It bears down right upon me, the wind whipping my robe when… it stops. The wall of sand stands before me, still. A long column of sand separates from the wall, the sand shifts, whips around in a small tornado and slowly changes into a Woman.
She smiles a strange smile, “Aeryn.

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