Wow! That's tiring.

Here I sit. Typing. Whatever comes to mind. It’s really hard. And yet I still use periods. Odd. Life is odd in general don’t you think? Like being close to someone you never thought you would be. Or like wanting to hang with people you never would have picked for yourself. But I guess that’s what I need. Someone to talk to about me, myself, and the creative person hiding within. Wow. Who thought this would come out of me? Not me. It’s actually very weird to just type whatever comes to mind. Like there’s an author out there dictating my life. Like that movie with Will Ferrel. Strange. But stranger things have happened I’m sure. Well, it’s almost time to go home from work. Ha! Work. Does it look like I’m working? I guess not if I’m wasting my time doing this. But to me it’s not wasting. This is what I like to do. Love to do. It’s an outlet for me. Theraputic, if you will. He he. This tickles my funnybone that I’m just babbling away. And it’s almost time to stop. Only a few charac

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