all my random thoughts

it i want to listen to my ipod dasnce to shoulda lean burn off calories peppermint patty lunch was prolly like a million calories watev i need a new bathing sut i want to look good for alex’is’s pool party. i have to go to journeys and pacsun. im hungry no im not sniffthere’s all yhthis crap in my nails. my cheek is itchy. smell. adoption?? wth. purple pen.u just nevbver know.yea we’re not allowed to backspace my writings prolly messed up. i dont think aloud. i should all right darling all right good i hate kiddoum ficletteers. thats not one word duh. foodtown. are we allowed to use copy righted crap? idk maybe im just writing reely fast watev car i backspaced ooopppss. im never gonna finish wow this is long. omg… webkinz ewwww why did i do that its my bros ewww. reading it. i dont think i can think any longer…..

gtg BYE

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