The Middle of the Story

“So that’s how it all began,” she said as she looked into the gray eyes that she knew so well, the same eyes that she had felt forming inside her nearly eleven years ago, “that’s why we have traveled all this way.” She looked away from him and pretended to focus on something crawling in the grass by her feet. She knew she couldn’t bare to see the wonder leave his small face now that he knew.
They sat for a while until their silence was broken by the sound of the moonflowers beginning to open. It was getting late and she knew they needed to find someplace else to go for the night. she removed their cloaks from her bag and helped him into his first. She had never noticed until now how bright the color of it was and how it just didn’t seem to fit him like it did when she had first chosen it. She grabbed his hand and, once again, they began that familiar journey across unfamiliar lands.

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