My first and only love

If only i knew what happened. We were alone in the annex of our school on a rainy day. I watched the light from the window escape into the dark room and reflect off of her spotless complexion as we watched the water rush down the hill outside. She was so beautiful. “Jess” Her name escaped my lips. She looked at me, we both knew what was about to happen. Before i knew what I was doing, my lips were tightly pressed against hers. Her tongue was slipping between my lips. As our tongues were wrapping around each other. I felt her hands slipping up under the back of my shirt. I pulled away, she was surprised that I did. I felt an urge that I couldn’t explain. I took off my shirt and I took off hers. We locked lips again as we stripped down until we were completely naked. “Do you want to do this?” She asked. “I’ve never wanted anything more.” I reply as we sink to the floor. My heart was racing as our skin got hotter and hotter. When I entered her I hear her scream with pleasure as we made love for the first time.

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