I've finally got the upper hand how do I use it?

I was delighted. She was scared of what was down there; she didnt know, they hadn’t told her. I supressed a grin, as I finally felt as if I had the slightly upper hand.

“Why should I tell you?” I said. And if it was possible my grin became even more malicious, and her face more pale.

“B-B-Because if you dont tell me…I-I’ll rat you out!” she screamed.

I laughed eerily, just like the book had described.

"And you think I care? Go ahead! Tell them! What have I got to lose? What do you think I'm afraid that they will kill me, because considering the alternative which is being caged and studied like a test subject, today seems like a pretty darn good day to die!!"

Of course this was a bluff! But my acting skills had developed over the past 15 years.I think my utter lack of concern disturbed Michelle. Her hands began to shake, she started shifting uncomfortably, and slowly I saw her inching toward the door.

I knew I had to act fast to stop her from escaping.

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