Dani sat on her bed reading the note from Blair for about the hundredth time. She would read it once and get madder then ever, she would see the note as a pathetic excuse, that Blair had meant none of it, and would do it again if she ever felt like it. But then other times she would read it, and really feel the tears sitting on the top of her eyes, ready to fall. She would think that Blair had really just messed up and that she meant every word. She would think about all of the great times she had with Blair. All the insiders they shared. How miserable her life has been since she stopped speaking to Blair. But then, she would think about Logan, and how she liked him so much. What was she to do? Blair was like her sister, a backstabbing trader sister, but a sister none the less. Dani stayed up all night thinking it through, and whenever she considered forgiving Blair, she would get angry at herself, but every time she thought of not ever being friends with Blair again, tears would rush down her face.

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