Sand Women III- Staff of Tyme

“You cannot yet perform this Magic’you say? How interesting. Are you losing Magic?”
Her eyes narrowed and a wind picked up, turning her to sand that whipped around me
My Magic never fails me
“Perhaps you are not weakening, but something else strengthening?”The sand was silent”You did not kill me with your wall of sand.Was it because you knew better?That perhaps,you knew I would defeat you?”
I could feel her anger as she whooshed around me”No! Are you suggesting that I cannot stop to talk to my old friend?
“Strange how fast old enemies become old friends”
Indeed. But what makes you so sure you can defeat me?
I toyed with my staff,”Let’s just say I’ve gained a little power”
The sand laughed at me,”A staff? You are saying I, the chief of the Sand Women, should fear a Wizard’s Staff?”
My annoyance showed clearly in my voice,”This is no ordinary Wizard’s Staff! This is the Staff of Tyme. The very same staff that the Sand Women stole 300 years ago, that has now been returned to the Wizards!â€?

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