Sand Women IV- Sword of Lyfae

The wind stopped blowing quite so strongly and my robe lay still. In the wall of sand I could see the vague shapes of other Sand Women moving around.
“The Staff of Tyme,â€? She said slowly, “And just how did you manage that?â€?
“I think you will find that your cousin Lyfae, protector of the Staff, is missing her Sword,â€? I said, pulling back my cloak to reveal an ornate curved sheath and sword, a Sand Women Sword.
Her sand came together again in her form as she looked at the sword. Sand Women’s faces rarely show emotion, but on her face was a look of outrage, “You stole my cousin’s Sword?â€?
“And of course, since I held her Sword, there was little she could do but hand over the staff.â€?
“How long as she been without it?â€? I did not answer. Immediately and she grew frantic, “How long?! How long has she unwillingly been without it?!â€?
“I… I don’t know, about a month.â€?
She sank to her knees and said heavily, “She is dead then.â€?
I stared at her in shock as a silent tear ran down her cheek.

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