Late into the Night

Oliver continued reading the strange story of the girl who lost her shoe until he began dozing off. It was amazing, he had to admit. And the picture!

It was amazingly detailed, simply beautiful. His eyes were continually drawn to it, even when half closed from lack of sleep.

Not having much practice in reading at all, Oliver was a very slow reader, and the ten pages that the story took up took a long time to read. When he finally finished it, he wrote in the margin of the book.

Thank you, Diary. This is amazing.

Then he closed the book, stuffed it down under him and rolled over to drift off to sleep.

Early the next morning, about an hour before the sun came up, the lights were turned on and gaurds walked into the room, shouting at the sleeping boys andd telling them to get their sorry selves up and do some work.

Oliver wearily got out of bed. He would need to sleep more tonight, maybe skip out on the Diary.

He nearly smiled at this thought, knowing that this would never happen.

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