The Gum'Bnds

Leaving a trail of sludge and interstellar waste in its wake, the Legerdemain approached Earth, carrying with it two of the most cunning and ruthless warriors in Gum’Bdn history. Also aboard were Communications Officer Grody and Ensign Gnarls.

“Think they’ll make us clean the ship when we get home?” said Gnarls. “I’d hate to get any Earth on me.”

“I doubt we’ll be close enough to get any on us.” replied Grody. “Besides, a little Earth never hurt anybody.”

“We’ll be able to see the explosion, though, right?” said Gnarls, eyes widening. “Can’t miss that.”

“Hold up,” said Grody, as Space Truckin’ played over the ship’s intercom. “It’s a message from Earth,” “Sounds like they’re getting desperate.”

“Who would be brave enough to still be there?” replied Gnarls. “The President of the United States?”

“Don’t think so,” said Grody. “It says it’s from someone named Fender Nash. Never heard of him.”

“Fender Nash?” replied Gnarls waving a tentacle frantically. “The captain’s gonna want to hear about this.”

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