My first and only love part2 stay like this

Jess and I were having sex for the first time. We were still kissing while I was inside of her. I felt so hot with our skin touching i thought we would both melt. I pulled out for a moment to look into her dark green eyes. I felt a grin grow across my face as the sexual urge took over. I jumped back on top of her and she pushed my head down in between her legs. I looked up. “What are you doing?” I asked. “Lick it.” She said with an excited smile. I did as she wanted. She didn’t make a sound until I did it faster. She let out a loud moan, showing me that I was doing perfectly. We stopped for a moment. We were both breathing hard and fast. I smile and hold her in my arms. “I wish we could stay like this.” I whisper in her ear. She kisses me. “I can’t.” She says. Before I knew it she was gone.

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