Tell Me or Its Over!

He took me to this beautiful aquatic cafe in central Philadelphia and he was acting very different. And he wouldnt make eye contact with me. We had this beautiful evening celebrating our two year anniversary and he was acting strangely and I couldnt put my finger on it until I looked into his misty green eyes. It was just something in his eyes that made me realize that what the voices deep inside of me were actually saying. I started to get scared only because If he was going to ask me the queston I think he is going to ask me then there was no point of me breaking up with him. But then a guy came over with a silver trumpet and played my favorite song, and that really touched me as my boyfriend got on his right knee, and then he popped the question and honestly a special feeling just burst inside of me and our love and excitement came as if it was a waterfall, flowing inside me like never before! I have never been so happy! And just to think that I was going to break up with him. Thank God I didnt!

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