Mathieu's Story

Mathieu came to Wendy’s bedside. “What is it, darling?”
“Daddy, I hear something outside!” Wendy’s eyes were fearful.
“No fear, ma cherie! Probably just a cat…” Mathieu listened harder. “I’ll be back.” He shut her door behind him. What is that? He asked himself. The was a rumbling in the darkness. “Hello?” Mathieu called. Just as he was turning around, a sharp pain flooded his body. “Gahh!” His face contorted as he cried out in anguish.

Hidden from everyone, he lived like a canibal; waking only for want of blood. One day, while hunting, he met a woman. She was a changed woman like him. “Hello,” she said serenely as she picked a few flowers.
“Allo?” His eyes narrowed as he wiped the corners of his mouth.
“My name is Delphine. You were hunting…?”
“Man. Don’t you hunt man?” Mathieu questioned. Delphine shook her head.
“Animal has a cleaner taste,” she offered him what was left in her basket. “Eat.”

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