Fortune of Fortunes

“Here’s your check, I hope you enjoyed your meal,” the waitress said, placing the check in its holder in the middle of the table with two fortune cookies. “Can I get either of you some coffee? Dessert?”

“Coffee would be fabulous,” I said.

“None for me, thanks,” he said.

I looked over my glass of Coke to where he was sitting, ruffling the edge of the paper table cloth with the Asian prints. The Hidden Dragon was indeed hidden, tucked in between the book store and the laundromat. But it was our favorite place to eat, mostly becase we were two college kids and the food was cheap as well as delicious.

We both reached for the same fortune cookie, his hand grazing the top of mine. Our eyes met. The truth was, I could get lost for hours in his emerald eyes.

I took the cookie and broke the contact. Because I knew in my heart I would never have the courage to tell him how I felt.

I cracked the cookie open.

Stop searching forever, happiness is just next to you.

And, oh, wasn’t it the truth?

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