Big Egos Make For Big Downfalls

He slumped back against the same tree that had nearly knocked him unconscious. To my amazement, I saw tears tracing paths through the dirt on his face. His hair hung low, giving him an even more defeated posture.

“I—I won’t…be like him…” he stuttered in between breaths.

I said nothing. Better to let him drown in self-pity before he starts trying to kill me again. But…did I really want to wish him harm? A month ago, we were inseparable, and now, now we were mortal enemies. And all because of his idiot father.

Yep, a corporate giant, he was. Owned nearly every known company there was, bribing and corrupting along the way. This didn’t give his son the greatest reputation. In fact, the reason we stopped being friends was when he told me who his father was. Before that, I never knew.

You see, his dad put my dad out of business. Our family had been living in a penthouse in the most lavish hotel in Vegas. Then he ruined us. Now we’re stuck in the poor houses, nearly homeless.

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